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The foundation of Allison Izu


Our 4 Pillars are the guiding principles of our brand -- they remind us of what we do and why. Take a deep dive into the why behind our company below.

Pillar 1


As a clothing brand, our end goal is to empower every customer we interact with. From the moment you step into our Showroom or click onto our website, we hope to empower you to try a new style, embrace your natural body type, and feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Pillar 2


Our clothing serves as the connection point between our designer, the team, and all of our customers. Styles and colors are carefully considered when designing new collections to encourage thoughtful wardrobe building. We want you to create a cohesive closet that'll bridge the gap between seasons, and support you on your journey to more deeply connect with your authentic self and sense of style.

Pillar 3


This brand is our designer's safe space; where she can show up flawed, imperfect and real. In doing so, she hopes to empower other women to accept their own flaws and embrace themselves as they are. We design styles that encourage self-acceptance by way of loving your bodies shape and size in the present moment.

Pillar 4


Using color, design, and fabrics, we strive to give our customers a sense of vibrancy in their lives. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable in your skin, so you feel worthy to show up as your joyful, authentic self.

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