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Travel Tips from the Team: Tracy

Travel Tips from the Team: Tracy

Hiyeeee! Tracy here with some travel tips and insight!  While I'm not the biggest travel buff, I enjoy the privilege of island hopping to visit family and friends on the neighbor islands or planning little staycations with the kids to get the feel of being on a vacation.  I'm also not quite ready to take my 2 little ones too far from home - my little one started preschool in the heat of the pandemic, so he hasn't even been on a school bus for an excursion yet...airports are a little overwhelming for him!  But no matter the destination, there is always one common denominator for me when I travel in any capacity - and that's comfort.

My go-to pieces whether I'm flying out of Hawaii or coming home - Loren Kimonos, Coral Pants, and Rea Tanks.  Layering is essential for me as I am naturally a hot-blooded person and can feel overheated very quickly, especially in stressful situations.

Loren Kimonos are easy to wear, light enough to stuff in my bag when I'm feeling too warm, and the length of the sleeves makes me feel less yucky about it touching everything.  When I wear long-sleeved jackets, I'm always rolling up the sleeves so that it's not touching every surface or getting wet every time I wash my hands.

Coral Pants feel and function like leggings (perfect for constant moving around), but have pockets and LOOK like pants - easy choice.  And even though they're a double-knit ponte material, it's still very light and breathable with more than enough stretch to keep me comfy.  They're also fitted so I don't have to worry about anything dragging on the ground or getting caught on anything.

Rea Tanks are my favorite tops to wear in general, and have become essentials for me when traveling (especially when it's to or from places that are warmer).  They make layering so easy and I never sacrifice an ounce of comfort.  It helps I have them in almost every color (yay for mixing and matching), but they pair with almost any pant or shorts that I bring with me. 
But no matter what, always do your research ahead of time.  Check weather forecasts, ask around to get tips and advice from people who've been there/done that, and try to be as prepared as possible.  When flying to Hawaii, just know that once you get off that plane, the warmth and humidity can be a little much, so layer layer layer!

I once made the huge mistake of not being prepared (well, to be honest I did not know what I was getting myself into), and I road tripped it with my friends in college from Dallas/Fort Worth to New Orleans at the end of December.  I thought that bringing jeans and thicker jackets would be enough, but let's just say it was colder than usual and even the swamps got a bit icy (it ended up being in the 30s at night!).  Being a stubborn local girl, I also made the trip in my Reef slippers (gotta be comfortable, right??) - and I'm lucky I still have all 10 toes.  I froze my butt off in never-before-felt 35ºF weather, but still insisted on wearing slippers down Bourbon Street in my UH hoodie - YES, I was there to cheer on the Bows in the Sugar Bowl!  I'm sure I wasn't the only Hawaii person unprepared for those temperatures (and that horrible defeat...agh), but the experience really taught me a lot and I now know that my comfort has to also align with the elements I'm going into.  The final score was a huge bummer, but the experience was one I'll never forget.  If you were there standing in the Superdome at the end of the game singing Hawai'i Pono'i with every other diehard, heartbroken Hawai'i fan who stayed til the end...I was there with you 🥹.
I've been so lucky to have had so many people come in and share their wonderful stories, adventures, and pictures with me in my time here at Allison Izu. To feel your excitement as you tell me about your fun adventures, see snippets of cherished memories, and be trusted with personal anecdotes from your lives.  I hold them all dear to my heart, as I truly believe they were shared with me from a place of love.  As I continue my own life adventure, I look forward to crossing paths again and maybe having a special story that I'll get to one day share with you.
Thank you for being a part of my adventure here at Allison Izu . . .
 🌈💚 Tracy


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