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Spring 2024 Collection

Spring 2024 Collection
We design collections way in advance. Colors are chosen, prints are made, and designs are created way before we’re in the season it comes out. And through this process I usually have a story that aligns everything together. But this Spring Collection was different. The colors and prints were decided on but the story didn’t come right away. And as we started to plan the launch and special event, I still felt like there wasn’t a connecting thread. Then a few weeks ago - it popped into my head. Just like spring represents a new awakening, re-birth; this collection is my re-birth as a designer, a new chapter in my story.

I’ve been stuck in a “funk” the last couple of years, through Covid and trying to navigate the changing landscape of retail. Watching other businesses struggle to stay open, I allowed that to become the narrative for me - fear, lack of, and lots of self-doubt. 
I realized it didn’t have to be this way. I could be creative, I could focus on growth and new life . . . and approach this new season with a new outlook. I’m pushing myself to share more about myself, my inner challenges, and the conversations I have with myself. If you follow the brand on Instagram or Facebook - you started to see bits and pieces of this. Through this process, it’s allowed me to see the value in connection and my point of view.

And now this new collection made sense. It all CLICKED. It’s my opportunity to share my creativity and my point of view. And finding the balance between you (the customer) and me (the designer). The new prints represent that - one for you (Blush Blooms) and one for me (Antique White Slab). There are also 4 new styles (from me) and favorites from the past (for you). Re-birth and balance. 



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