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Connection + Acceptance

Connection + Acceptance

I was thinking the other day - what the purpose of the summer collection is/was. And it dawned on me that it’s an opportunity to convince myself that we can do the simplest things well. Just like cooking, I feel like it's always hardest to do the simplest things well, and that’s what I want this brand to be about. I want to be able to offer shorts that fit and flatter our bodies, no matter what age or size. I want you (and me) to feel comfortable and confident! And design styles that do just that. 

That’s where Connection and Acceptance happen. When we can shed light on our own challenges, speak about them to each other and find common ground with another human who’s also experiencing something similar.  Through my own awareness of the aging body, researching more, and talking with you on the Showroom floor - I’m able to fully immerse myself in the “problem.” Which inspires me to find the solution that can hopefully support our journey of acceptance.

Fashion is more than just “what’s in or out” - it’s about YOU and putting your needs at the core. When customers come into the Showroom to shop, they always ask me my opinion (which I’m always happy to share) but I always ask them, “How does it make YOU feel?” That’s the most important question and should be the question that drives all of your decisions. So the next time you worry about, “can I wear this outfit?” or “what will people think of me if I wear this?” Check in and ask yourself, “How does it make me feel?” 

Every step of this journey for me and this brand is about asking myself, how it makes me feel and how it makes you feel, our customer. We work every day to make sure we hold our choices and designs to the highest standard so that you can feel more comfortable and confident in being the most authentic version of yourself! I hope we’re doing a good job in that!



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