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January 2024 Capsule Collection

January 2024 Capsule Collection

As a young girl, the story of Momotaro (a Japanese folktale) was told to me. It seemed like a strange story about an older couple wishing they had a child and poof! - a young boy was sent to them in a peach and he went on this adventure with animals to defeat an Ogre. But as an adult I see the messages of bravery and working together. 

Other children’s stories, like “Alice in Wonderland” and “Where the Wild Things Are” also teach us lessons of being brave and resilient - going with the flow, having the courage to do what’s right, and taking the chances that are presented to you.

So when this collection started to come together, I drew inspiration from the themes in these books. The story I want my life to tell in 2024 is to be brave, resilient, and live with a sense of surrender and awe of what life puts at my feet. We landed on the name Momo as an homage to the lessons from our childhood stories. 

The color palette was the basis for this collection. We have two new colors, Fern and Momo. I love a good olive green base as it provides a neutral base (that’s not black) that’s easy to mix and match with other colors, textures, and prints. From there, I knew I needed to incorporate a light option and decided on a delicate peach color we named Momo. This fresh color feels creamy and soft with hints of peach and pairs beautifully with Fern. To provide some texture and make sure we had a “black basic” in this collection, I found a thin Black Rib fabric to add to the mix. 

Lastly, I designed a whimsical floral print, Iris Blooms, that features unique placements. The background is a light heather grey which feels casual but utilitarian and “hard working,” like the Momotaro’s elderly parents. The thin, feminine floral print provides a nice contrast. Each floral is uniquely placed to create a one-of-a-kind look on each top.

For the styles, I gave some of our favorite styles an update and made new close-cousin designs. Like Remy, which is a long-sleeved version of Loren (our best-selling cover-up). And Amelia Top, which is a cuffed version of Emi (a new style that became an instant crowd favorite). I was craving a more fitted wide scoop neck top, so I designed the Shannen, which can be worn a little off the shoulder and paired with our Tori Tank. And yes, I purposely made a 90210 reference to Shannen and Tori lol. When worn together it creates a super fun cut-out look! And to round out the collection we added Miki, Milo, and South St for bottoms. 

This collection gives us permission to be brave, take chances, and look for the special moments around us. I hope you find an outfit or style from this capsule collection that inspires you to live these themes in 2024 and create your own unique story.


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