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Pushing the Boundaries of Personal Style

Pushing the Boundaries of Personal Style

I was talking to some friends the other day and we were discussing age - how we feel vs. what the year says we are. I’m currently 47 but I still feel like I did when I was 36. I say 36 because it was that “middle ground” for me, where I felt mature and youthful. And I still feel that way today. A good balance of fun-loving, kinda crazy, youthful, and vibrant.  My physical body has changed and I’ve grown emotionally and spiritually - all signs that I’m not actually 36 anymore, but my spirit and my mind are still there. The youthfulness I feel hasn’t reduced as my age increased. 

It's only our outward appearance that “gives us away.” So why do we prevent ourselves from acting like our younger selves?  Maybe I can't take tequila shots the way I used to (nor do I want to) or binge on Taco Bell late at night and not gain a pound. But when it comes to how I decide to live, I can still be the same vibrant human being that I was when I was 36. 

Fashion is a physical representation of who we are and can express how we feel in the moment. And I think it allows us to get closer to how we feel inside. So if I’m feeling extra youthful that day, I can dress to match that feeling. I hear so many customers saying “I shouldn't wear tank tops, I can’t show my bra straps, or wear sneakers with a dress” - all because they’re “too old” for that. But who made up these rules? And why do we listen to them? 

Every time I hear these “rules,” I’m reminded why I design clothes. It’s to help change our mindset, give us permission to not listen to these made up rules. And to wear what we want, just because. Fashion has the ability to make you feel more confident. Like when I have customers try on pants and a top that fits them well, I can see their posture and mood change instantly. It’s one of my favorite things to witness when I’m in the Showroom - to see someone look at themselves in the mirror and truly like what they see! And when I design each piece - this is the goal.

I want you to feel confident, vibrant, youthful, and maybe even a little rebellious. That’s what I think will keep us joyful and engaged with life. Pushing the boundaries of our personal style and trying new things. It’s not about becoming a different person - it’s about letting go of all the “nos” or “cannots” in your head and allowing yourself to show up as that youthful, vibrant woman you deserve to be.  

That’s the WHY behind my designs for 2024. To push my own boundaries of design and challenge myself (and you) to try new things. We’re gonna add a little spice to our life. Like new designs that allow my edgier, avant-garde side to come out more. New colors and fabric textures too. And hopefully that’ll push you to step outside of your comfort zone

I’ll be here with you. Encouraging you to try a wide-leg pant this year or something a little more fitted on the top. I’m giving you permission to wear a sleeveless top or try the half tuck I swear by. We’re gonna wear a color you ‘never thought you could’ and push the boundaries out of the safe zone a little. Together, we’ll see how that one choice can shift the way we feel about yourself. We’re gonna have fun and see what we can explore in 2024! 


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