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What 2023 has taught me . . .

What 2023 has taught me . . .

Every year, right when December starts, I feel a sense of anxiousness wash over me. Did I do enough? Is there anything left that I need to do this year? Am I ready for the new year? But this year was different. . . I’m shocked that I feel a sense of calm.  

In 2023, I was practicing Surrender. If you haven’t read “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer - I recommend it. This book taught me what true Surrender felt like and what it means.  I’ve always been a “forceful” person - I can make things happen through sheer will and determination.  I used to think this was my “gift,” something to be proud of. But as I go through life, I realize that I’m creating more problems than solutions for myself.

I’ve held onto things with a white knuckle grip that would suffocate whatever I couldn’t let go. And in the end, I’d create more pain for myself than anything else.  I could also force things into my life that weren’t meant for me, just because I selfishly wanted it. It was rare that I could allow things to happen FOR me. 

But through many lessons throughout this year, I’ve learned to Surrender. I was talking to a friend about this and we were talking about working hard and giving it 100%. I still think we’re meant to work towards a goal, or excellence in our lives, but the difference is to find peace in knowing that we did all we can, even when our mind is still racing and feels like we haven’t. I now know I need to release it to the Universe. Like when you go into a project or task and you’ve turned in all of the work, done all you’ve can - that’s where we should leave it and pat ourselves on the back. Say “great job, I did what I could to the best of my abilities in that moment.”

No more tossing and turning at night wondering what else I could’ve done. Or criticizing what you did or trying to answer the “what ifs.” It’s in these moments where we should let it go and be in a state of surrender and gratitude for what is.

So I’m continuing to work on building my Surrender practice. To trust in my creativity, my inspiration, do the work, and then SURRENDER. To give myself the praise that I did all I could do because it’s out of my hands. Realizing that I can no longer force things to happen, I can no longer take control of everything because that isn’t “my job” anymore.

As we close this chapter of 2023, I’m left with a sense of peace, joy, and gratefulness. For all that I’ve learned and all that I’ve received. I’m giving myself a pat on the back and taking in all the blissful moments that were gifted to me. 

I can't say it enough, but I’m eternally grateful to you for your support of me. Grateful that I can wake up everyday, supported by an amazing community of women. I’m so grateful for my family, my team and for you. Thank you for allowing me to show up flawed and bruised, as you watch me stumble, make mistakes and figure it all out. THANK YOU for staying by my side and being my biggest cheerleader! The words don’t ever seem enough for the fulfillment that you give to my life. But humbly, it's all I can offer . . . THANK YOU! 

I wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and wonderful new year. I hope you’re excited for what 2024 has to offer. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you next year. 

Much love, light and bliss! 

XOXO, Allison 


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