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Who is Allison Izu?

Allison Izu is the heart-child of designer and CEO Allison Izu Song. As a child, Allison was drawn to sewing, sketching and styling her Barbies. Her first semester at the University of Hawaii at Manoa she took a sewing class to improve her skill set and immediately she fell in love. Her dream came true when she was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.
At that epicenter of fashion design, Allison realized that her shorter 5’2” frame was mostly overlooked in the fashion industry. She wanted to create a clothing company that represented her and the difficulties she had when shopping as a shorter woman. Even today, Allison is still working to even out the playing field in fashion by creating clothing to fit the different shapes and curves of “real women.”
With all these diverse bodies in mind, Allison created IZU Body Types to give women the tools to accept and understand their natural body shapes so that they can wear clothing that accentuates all of the amazing parts.  Click here to learn more about our Body Types!