About Allison

Finding my authentic self

I’ve gone through a spiritual awakening over the last few months, a path to finding my true authentic self. It wasn’t something I chose consciously. It just happened. Call it serendipity or synchronicity, but contemplating the future of Allison Izu has brought me back to the beginning, to understanding the why of my life and my brand.

For the first 10 years of my business, I thought my purpose was to be the best designer, to hone my craft and create well fitting clothing using high-quality fabrics. Now, I’m ready for the next chapter. Being a mom and watching the evolution of women today, I realize I have matured, too. I want something more for my clients. Clothing is not just for looks, but also for feeling. When we feel good, we look good. I believe my newfound purpose is to empower and inspire other women through Allison Izu—to become their best self, who they were always meant to be.

It came to me quietly one day while I was doodling on some paper—A-LL-I-S-O-N. My name was the opportunity to develop myself, personally, side-by-side with my brand. Every letter in my name, and each letter’s corresponding shape, represents one of you. We all are different, yet we all have the opportunity to empower ourselves and add value to your community.

I want to empower you to #LiveYourLetter, to accept the outside shape of your body and begin to accept your inner beauty. Every letter, every curve and shape, has a meaning and intent. “A” is the triangle who is also ambitious. “LL” is a rectangle who Loves Life. “I” is a narrow shape that is Invincible. “S” is the hourglass that oozes Strength. “O” is an ellipse that is always Optimistic. And “N” is an inverted triangle that Never gives up.

How can we be our best if we’re not comfortable with what we are wearing? If we all start dressing for the letter we are, we can work together to build a better tomorrow.

With the right clothing, we can empower ourselves and embrace who we are right now, as is. Once we start to accept and understand our bodies, we can together live our most amazing and authentic life. I welcome you to take the first step (turn the page) on this journey to #LiveYourLetter.