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Travel Blog: What to pack and tips for Japan travel

Travel Blog: What to pack and tips for Japan travel

I just came back from my Japan trip to Fukuoka and Tokyo. I've been hearing that many of you are coming in to get outfits for your travels! 

The team asked me to share my packing list and any travel tips I have. I'm excited to share what I'm packing and offer some insights that might make your travels easier!

Here's what I recommend if you're traveling in cold/cooler weather (30-60°F):

  • Rachel Coat: the perfect "last layer" to add to your outfit. The sleeves are wide, so you don't have to worry about how many layers you have on underneath. And the Ponte Fabric is comfortable and moves with you so you don't feel constrained by all the layers. 
  • Joey Sweatshirt: the long sleeves make it ideal for layering under the Rachel Coat to give you that extra warmth during the colder temperatures. But even so, I don't need to take it off in the stores shopping because the Soft Ponte fabric is still breathable. I love the little details of the color peaking through when I layer both. It's an easy way to elevate my simple outfits. 
  • South St Joggers: The South St Joggers are perfect for the plane. The extra room with this wider leg style makes sitting for hours, comfortable along with the stretchy elastic waistband. And you can't forget the reason we recommend this for travel so much... the elastic on the bottom hem! Keeps them off the floor when you're using the bathroom. If you want something closer to a regular jogger fit the Sunrise Jogger is also perfect for travel.  especially in the Soft Ponte material, making it ideal for the cold. 
Tips for Japan Travel: 
  • Don't forget to pack a small hand towel with you! I have yet to come across a public bathroom with paper towels to wipe your hands dry, so I keep one in my bag to dry my hands. It really comes in handy during the colder months when you want to stay dry and warm! Forgot to pack one? Stop by Don Quijote or a 100 yen store to grab one.  
  • Pack some quart or gallon size Ziploc bags with you. Why you ask? Because as clean as Japan is, there's hardly any trash cans available in public spaces! So I carry this in my bag to toss trash in and dump it when I get back to the hotel room. 
  • Use Google Maps to bookmark all the spots you want to go to. That way when you're in an area, you can pull up the map and see what stores and restaurants you're near. I like the little suitcase icon it puts on the map, where you can leave notes to remind you why you bookmarked that spot. 

Whether you're traveling soon or still in the planning phase, I hope these tips help you when it comes time to pack for your travels. 

Safe travels!


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