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How I Design For Travel

How I Design For Travel

If you asked me what type of designer I am, I'd have to say I'm a functional one. I love when a design can be worn multiple ways, places, occasions, and stand the test of time. And when I'm creating a new style, I factor this into the overall design. If I can get the "cost per wear" down, then that's a win for everyone! When designing, I think of 3 things - comfort, fit, and function. 

  1. Is this style comfortable enough that you can wear it everywhere?
  2. Does it fit well? Will you feel comfortable and confident?
  3. Can you wear this in multiple ways - dress it up and wear it casually?

If I can answer “yes” to all these questions for every design - I deem it a success! And if a design has all questions answered with a “yes,” it usually means the style is great for travel. Think about it - when you travel you want to:

  1. Feel comfortable (and confident).
  2. Be able to wear one style multiple ways - day to night, casual to dressy. 
  3. Wear it everywhere - you want to be ready for anything as a traveler and you want to make sure your clothing is ready for anything too!

Here are some of the styles that'll make packing for your next trip a breeze!

The Shannen Top is the perfect layering piece for your next trip. She has a longer fitted sleeve, which will keep you warm and cozy. The wider neckline makes this top perfect under any other neckline. But it's also a great top to wear alone or layered over a tank top or cowl top, like Andie!

A high-neck cowl top like Andie Tank is also a great layering piece for travel. The higher neckline keeps your neck covered if you’re someone who gets cold. It also looks chic under so many tops. Pair her with the Remy Cover Up for a cute sweater set!

Our Sarah Top is a great collared shirt to take on any trip because you can easily dress her up or down. Pair it with a fitted pant like our Miki Pants and sneakers for a day of shopping, or with a wide-leg pant like our Milo Pants and heels for dinner.

We have so many favorites to choose from but our top contenders are:

  • Emi Top: a slightly shorter shape with a wide boxy body.
  • Becca Top: she’s the perfect menswear-inspired v-neck.
  • Sawyer Top: she’s everything you’ll want in a tee - slimmer fit, great cap sleeve, and a side slit opening to give you extra room in the midsection.

The Rachel Coat is a slightly oversized coat which makes it perfect to layer over any outfit. The classic shape and 3/4 sleeves makes it a timeless piece that takes you season to season. 

If you decide to take any of our styles with you, please send us a picture of your outfit! The team and I love seeing all the places our clothes get to travel too! 

Safe travels!
- Allison 


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