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Life's too short to. . .

Life's too short to. . .

For the longest time, I only wore one style from Allison Izu. It was the Becca Top. It was a “safe” style that covered all the parts of my body I didn’t like and I could wear it with leggings. Because those were the only bottoms I felt comfortable and confident in.

So lately I’ve been surprising myself with the new styles I’ve been gravitating towards. The common thread amongst these new styles? They’re just as comfortable and make me feel just as confident as if I were wearing Becca's and leggings. They bring new life into my closet and make getting ready in the morning something special, an important moment of joy to start my day. 

So if you’re hesitant to try new styles like me, take baby steps. Start with one piece - your top or your bottoms. I went with tops and the first new style I tried was our Emi Top. To me, Allison designed Emi to make you feel confident enough to wear a “cropped tee.” She made sure the sleeves were long and wide enough. And the bottom wasn’t too short where you had to worry about showing your tummy. It's cropped at the right length to make your legs look longer. 

And after traveling to Japan and seeing all the women in wide leg/oversized bottoms paired with tops that look like the Emi, I knew I wanted to try that look out. So my next new style was our South St Joggers. And dare I say they're even more comfortable than our Sunrise Joggers (which is my first love). The South St gives my outfit the modern update I didn’t realize I needed. 

So I encourage you to try something new this month! Life’s too short to keep wearing the same thing all the time. We deserve to experience all the joys life has to offer.


PS: For the days I can’t decide what to wear, Becca never fails! But we just launched a new top Chloe aka Becca’s modern sister, which I’m absolutely IN LOVE with! Check her out here.

For sizing help, I'm 5'3" and wear size XL or 14-16 in other brands. For Allison Izu, I wear L-XL in tops and M in bottoms. If you need sizing help, stop by our Manoa Showroom or send us an email.


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