Fit Crystals

Our 3 Fit Types

Our styles fall into one of three fit categories: True, Modern, and Oversized. Learn the ins and outs of each fit type and how to easily identify your perfect fit.

True Fit

TRUE FIT - Styles that fall into the True Fit category run true to size. These tops and bottoms will fit close to your body and accentuate your best features. Look for this crystal to indicate our True Fit styles.

Modern Fit

MODERN FIT - Our Modern Fit styles are the best of both worlds: fitted in some areas and oversized in others. Depending on your preference, you may find yourself sizing up or down in these styles. Look for this crystal to indicate our Modern Fit styles.

Oversized Fit

OVERSIZED FIT - Loose and boxy is the name of the game for our Oversized Fit styles. Made to drape and won't hug onto anything, these styles run on the larger side. Try sizing down to get the perfect oversized feel. Look for this crystal to indicate our Oversized Fit styles.

True Fit

Styles in this category include the Alex Top, Mandy Top, and Camille Tank. If you prefer more of a slim silhouette we encourage you to explore styles in our True Fit collection.

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Modern Fit

Styes in this category include the Claire Top, Rea Tank, and Becca Top. Our Modern Fit styles are the mid point between our True and Oversized Fits.

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Oversized Fit

Styles in this category include the Lara Top, Sami Top, and Devon Top. If you prioritize comfort and gravitate towards a boxy silhouette we recommend trying styles from our Oversized Fit collection.

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Fit Chart

A Fit for Everyone

Use this chart to easily compare bust and waist measurements of our different fit types.

Love The Style But Not The Fit?

Don't be afraid to size up or down depending on your preference. These fit types are just guides to help you visualize how they sit on a body.

Find your fit

How to Measure

Grab a tape measure and follow along as Allison demonstrates how to properly measure your body.

Pants that fit just right.

Our pants also fall into our three fit types: True, Modern, and Oversized. Discover your perfect pant for each occasion.

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