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With the right fit, fashion can be transformative. Allison Izu designs clothing to empower and educate women through her Live Your Letter body typing system—based on the letters in her name—takes the guesswork out of finding the right style with the right fit for your unique body. Simply use the illustrations to identify your IZU Body Type and then shop our suggested styles with your personal preferences in mind. Accentuate, conceal, dress up for the office or get comfy at home, it’s easy to mix and match Allison Izu styles with confidence and comfort in mind so you can you #LiveYourLetter.

IZU Body Type A

This #IZUBodyType has narrower shoulders and fuller hips.
Try tops that finish at the widest point of your hips and wear a wider top with a slim pant, to create balance.

Create Visual Balance

· Balance your top half with your lower half by wearing clothes that make your  shoulders look broader.
· Layering your top half creates visual interest (and can minimize the hip area)
· Select tops that finish either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom. 

Suggested styles for A body Type

Miki Pant - Le Félin Rayon Jersey
Miki Pant - Le Félin Rayon Jersey

Miki Pant - Le Félin Rayon Jersey


IZU Body Type LL

This #IZUBodyType has athletic shoulders with a straight figure.
Try loose fitting tops and a straight pant or wear a V-neck, scoop neck or wrap top to add shape.

Create Visual Balance

· Add layers such as a jacket or cover-up to add interest and dimension.
· Wear a flowy or draped top for a feminine look.
· A shorter hem top adds an interesting element to your top half  

Suggested Styles for LL Body Type

IZU Body Type I

This #IZUBodyType has an elongated body with long limbs.
Wear a top with details to add interest and style your body

Create Visual Balance

· Create dimension and balance by using shapes and colors to break up and define your body.
· Wear a wide leg pant to add volume to your bottom half.
· Try an oversized top with a slim pant to add shape to your top half. 

Suggested Styles for I Body Type

IZU Body Type S

This #IZUBodyType has curvier bust and hips with a smaller waist.
Try a  shorter cap sleeves to minimize your bust and add dimension to your silhouette with a French tuck.

Create Visual Balance

· Wear a supporting bra that lifts your bust, giving you a defined waistline.
· Style yourself with tops that bring attention to your shoulders and neckline.
· Elongate your neckline with a higher cut V-neck top. 

Suggested styles for S body type

Joni Cover Up - Black Soft Ponte
Joni Cover Up - Black Soft Ponte
Joni Cover Up - Black Soft Ponte
Joni Cover Up - Black Soft Ponte

Joni Cover Up - Black Soft Ponte


IZU Body Type O

This #IZUBodyType has smaller shoulders and legs with a fuller midsection.
Try wider draped tops to minimize and flatter your midsection.

Create Visual Balance

· Keep your clothing line straight and the fabric light and soft, adding interest with colors and prints.
· Select tops with drapes and cowls to hide or minimize your midsection.
· Wear a flat front pant with a faux fly or fly front closure. 

Suggested styles for O Body Type

IZU Body Type N

This #IZUBodyType has wider shoulders and a wider back with narrower hips and slim legs.
Try tops with Dolman sleeves to minimize your shoulders and tops with a longer hem.

Create Visual Balance

· Try a straight leg pants to add fullness to your bottom half
· Keep your clothing line straight and the fabric light and soft, using details and angles to minimize your top half.
· Style yourself with shorter tops to accentuate your hips or minimize your midsection with drapes and cowls. 

Suggested styles for N body Type

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