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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

I’ve definitely evolved as a traveler. As a daughter of a former travel agent, I was raised to be very organized when it came to traveling. Itinerary for every day, full of activities and all the details. It was A LOT and it would make my husband crazy LOL! He’s a “can we just relax by the pool?” kinda traveler... Fortunately, I’ve found a good balance now. I think it's a reflection of the go-with-the-flow kind of energy I’ve been practicing in my everyday life.

I’ve adapted my packing to be the same way too. And it’s inspired me to design styles that can be converted or have many uses. I often think - “what do I want in my suitcase when I travel?” Our new Fall Collection features a lot of styles that I take on my trips, in a color palette that works with everything.

For a week trip, I will usually pack: 

  • 4 bottoms
  • 5 tank tops - these are to layer with or wear as pajamas/loungewear
  • 7 tops - one for every day, and 3 coverups/jackets

And because every piece I design can mix and match with another, it makes getting ready super easy.

On the airplane, I ALWAYS wear our Sunrise Joggers. The elastic waistband is comfortable to sit long hours in, and the elastic hem won't ever touch the airplane bathroom floor (ick!). It has 4 deep pockets perfect for boarding passes, passports, Kleenex, and lip balm!

And for fall trips, I will wear the Diana Blazer or Bryce Jacket and roll up the Milla Duster into my bag. It's perfect to use as a blanket for the kiddos or when my legs get cold!

And if I’m going somewhere colder, I’ll layer a jacket over the Amari Coverup! I have to talk to you about Amari - she’s perfect on a trip because she can transform into 6 (and counting!) different styles. So you’ll always have the right style with this one coverup. I love her in Navy or Charcoal, since I usually wear black bottoms.

Speaking of pants - it's always one Milo, one Coral, one Sunrise, and one South St when I pack. Each of these silhouettes gives me tons of options when I put outfits together. They all go from day to night easily. Each pair is designed so I can wear them with sneakers or heels. I don’t pack heels, so if I want to get dressed up - it's black boots for me!

When it comes to tops, it's really a preference. Since we’re heading into cooler weather, here’s what I’d recommend:

  • Anais (her cowl neck is great to act as a scarf), Joanna, Mandy, Sami, and Becca (or Emi).
  • Don't forget your tanks and coverups. . . Max and Tori for tanks (both great to layer), and Loren, Milla, and Bobbi or Joni.

Every piece can mix and match, which makes so many combinations on those days when you feel indecisive. I hope this helps you “go with the flow” whether you’re planning for your next trip or your week’s outfits!


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