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Navian Snack Packs

Navian Snack Packs

Connection is one of our brand's pillars that we work to build upon.  It's the daily conversations and touch points we have with those in our daily lives. But it's also about the bigger connections and how we can show up for the greater community around us. It's about looking for ways to show up a little different today and create a positive ripple effect.

How do we do this? A smile to a passerby or a "Good Morning" to a perfect stranger. Holding the door open at the store. These small gestures are simple ways we can all share our light and start the positive ripple effect. It sparks joy in myself, that gets shared with the receive, and the hope is that they will go and pass that joy onto someone else -- a never ending ripple effect. 

These small interactions have inspired to me find a bigger cause to support where the reach of the ripple effect is wider. For the last couple of years, I've supported Navian Hawaii. It's not just that the organization itself creates such a positive ripple effect in our community, but also the human beings within the organization are just great people.  And I realized that the small act of asking our friends or family to support this organization not only sparks joy in me and this organization, but it also allows the friend or family member to spark some joy within themselves.

So I wanted to share this opportunity to help spread a little joy with our community. We partnered with another amazing human, Cari, owner of Aloha Edibles and asked her to help put a Snack Pack together for Navian Hawaii.  I asked for some of my personal favorites that she creates - the Very Berry Ume Kanake (my kids love these!), EZ PZ Frosteez, and Teriyaki Beef Jerky Chips (we usually finish the whole bag in one sitting).  All at a cost of $30! 

As I'm writing this, my stomach is rumbling for some Beef Jerky chips - LOL! If you're so inclined to spark a little joy, please consider purchasing a Navian Snack Pack by clicking here. And if you need more information on what exactly this amazing organization does for local Hawaii families - click here.

You can use the link above to fill out the order form, or stop by our Showroom to purchase. If you're coming to the showroom, we ask for payment via cash or check.  

Thank you so much for all you do and for always sparking joy in my life!


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