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Candy Collection Bundle Deal

Candy Collection Bundle Deal

This Candy Collection is a culmination of months of planning, trying new things and taking risks . . . we hope you are excited about it as we are!

Through this last year, there has been so many changes and closures. Sadly a closure has directly impacted our brand - one of our biggest fabric vendors has closed its doors. News of it sent me into a spiral of 1) finding a new, reputable vendor and 2) securing as much of their remaining inventory as possible.

I took a leap and wrote a BIG purchase order to hold the business over for a couple of months. And I've been scouring the fabric market for a new vendor. It was scary and it was a BIG LEAP for me! Especially because what was left was an odd mix of miscellaneous colors. As a designer, I need to make collections and create cohesiveness in what I present to you, my customers.

It felt like I was randomly picking colors that I liked and that I thought you would like. But it was a LEAP! The colors didn't quite feel like the usual "Allison Izu" colors. But when I stared at the 3 colors in this bundle - it popped into my head (aka: inspiration) - CANDY! All of these colors reminded me of some of my favorite candies - Skittles, Airheads, Jolly Ranchers! And that's how we created a CANDY BUNDLE that just happened to align with Halloween. Don't you love how inspiration can sometimes feel like stumbling until it all comes into focus!

With that being said, I also have to disclose another leap - We took our 3 favorite styles and had them produced in LA. It was a test for sure, a lot of road bumps, minor mistakes and solutions later - we realized a few small "issues" - size labels were wrong (don't worry- we tagged each piece with the correct size!) and some hems are also a little off. Which is another reasoning behind the bundles and BIG DISCOUNT attached.

We pride ourselves in a high quality fabric and high quality sewing, but we took a leap and figured out a lot about ourselves, our systems and how to improve for the next time. With that, I hope you are excited about these AMAZING CANDY BUNDLES. We're passing off our cost savings to you (plus a little more) so that you will have these limited colors in your closet.

Always so grateful for your support and friendship . . . and the fact that I can openly share the learning, growing pains and trials of my life, my brand and my evolution. Thank you for reading till the end.


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