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New fabrics - renewed inspiration

New fabrics - renewed inspiration

As it would go, the Universe had a small challenge for me at the end 2021 - my fabric vendor was going out of business.  Well, they didn't exactly say they were going out of business. They told me they weren't bringing in more colors or styles (uh, aka going out of business!!!).  It was a shock to my system. I went into problem solving mode (my favorite place to live) and decided to take a quick trip to LA to figure it out.

For me, the price of fabric is a HUGE factor. I always want to be able to offer you these styles at an affordable price. But the thing that always outweighs price is QUALITY! If you ask me where my obsession for design lies, I can tell you it's always been with quality and fabrications. And I'm so grateful that I get to focus more on this as the business grows. It’s because of your support that I can look to improve the quality of fabrics we offer. Higher quality fabrics means a bigger price tag and higher minimums I'll need to make in an order - and I’ve only been able to consider this in the last couple of years because of your support and loyalty to this business. 


I did some research before I went up to LA, called a few people, and asked around for referrals. I found some comparable fabric vendors who offered reasonable or similar price points, but I could NOT stop thinking about this one vendor and the quality of their fabrics! Their prices were higher than my previous fabric company, but the quality was unbeatable.  Plus, they provide services like creating custom colors and prints - the endless possibilities kick-started my imagination and ignited my creativity into hyperdrive. It's been a while since I felt that excited about sourcing fabrics again.

 As we launch new collections this year, I know you’ll feel the difference.  I had no doubt that it'll be worth paying a little more to give you all the best. The weave is tight and the yarns are so smooth - it makes the fabric feel like butter!  The quality of the spandex woven into this knit makes for great drape (how the clothes fall on your body) as well as bounce back (the knit won't stretch out as you wear it). Their fabrics also have the most beautiful sheen to it, giving it a subtle shine for an elevated, "dressed up" look. 

Now that the shock has worn off, I've come to realize it was all for the better to have lost my previous vendor and found this new one.  Yes, the minimums are higher and the price point is higher - but the upgrade in quality is totally worth it all.  My mission has always been to bring high quality fabrics and design techniques to you at an affordable price - and this is a great opportunity to offer you the perfect mix of luxury and affordability.


I'm so excited because you’ll get to experience this new fabric firsthand with our upcoming collection - "Earth, Wind and Fire". The colors are fun and sophisticated, and I know you’ll notice the difference in the fabric.  I’m so thrilled to share this new collection with you - I hope you love it as much as I do!


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