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The Move - Part 1

The Move - Part 1

I like to joke that "change" is my middle name. I've become so accustomed to change, that it can sometimes feel like I don't put roots down as deep as I'd like to. But in reality, I think I'm in a floaty on the ocean, moving with the tides and waves. I don't seek out change, but I have accepted that it is part of my growth, necessary for my evolution...

These last couple of years has taught all of us how to shift, change and evolve into a new version of ourselves. Aside from the pandemic, I felt like I was inundated with barriers, closures and "problems" that forced me to zig and then zag. And when I finally felt like we made it through one thing, another issue was knocking at my door.

Through it all, I had to remind myself to be like a buoy. Instead of stumbling through these "problems," pushing and forcing my way through, I could be pulled by something greater. I just had to remind myself to float once again.

So here I am, floating towards the next chapter of my life, the next evolution of my business and myself. It's hard to let go of what you know, the comfort and safety of it all. It's scary to step out in the unknown, everything seems so unclear. So, I reminded myself that I have been here before, when I moved into Manoa, when I moved into Ward Warehouse, when I loved into Kaimuki and when I moved into Ala Moana.

When I do that, it loses some of it's fear, because what seems like the unknown, is just a step towards something familiar. . . change. Oh yes - thats familiar - its my middle name LOL. I'm accustomed to change. I can lean into it, feel stronger and safer. I'm supported by my family, by this spectacular team of creatives, and by YOU. I'm grateful for you, for your continued support and love, for how you continually show up for me, this brand and my team. I could not do it without you and I hope you realize you are an integral part of this business.

And as we move into this next chapter, I know that when I look over my shoulder, you will be there cheering me on. In those moments, that's when I realize, that I did put down roots - - my roots were to you, to my all of friends and customers, to my team, to my family, to my greater purpose . . . . I look forward to sharing more about this journey with you!


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