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Independence Day - setting ourselves free & truly loving our bodies

Independence Day - setting ourselves free & truly loving our bodies

Because this Blog Post just happened to fall on Independence Day - i thought what a coincidence, or a synchronicity perhaps? What does it mean to be Independent of something else? To be free of it’s control or influence . . . the definition really got me thinking. What if we were finally independent of the existing thought patterns of our bodies and society’s norm of what we should look like . . . hmmm . . . it would be LIBERATING, right?!

If we lived in a place (or state of mind) where we would/could be accepted, praised and maybe even celebrated for who we are, as we are, right now . . . Wow, sign me up! I wanna go there. Don’t you? That is what I want the Allison Izu brand to be, that is what I want #LiveYourLetter to become for us. A place where we are completely and fully accepted, praised and yes definitely celebrated for who we are, as we are, right now!

Welcome to the new Allison Izu, a place of

A - Acceptance
LL - Loving Life
I - Independent thought
S - Safe space
O - Open dialogue
N - Nurturing people

I - Imperfection as perfection
Z - Zen nature
U - Unity
Still wanna go there with me? Great . . . here we go. . .

I am starting to design and create using my body types, that coincidentally (or synchronistically) are the letters in my first name. So if you fall into one or 2 of these body types, there will be styles within the Allison Izu brand that will be made specifically for you. So every morning when you get ready, it will be simple and easy - because we took all of the guess work out for you. We re-proportioned and re-designed all of our favorite styles just for you and your Letter.

If you’re an A - you have a Triangle body shape, smaller bust and shoulder with larger hips and thighs.

If you’re an LL - then you have an athletic shape, with no defined waist. Most likely have a straight body.

If you happen to be an I - then you are smaller boned, slimmer in shape

If you are an S - you have a curse hourglass shape. You hips and bust a shapely, with somewhat of a defined waist.

If you’re an O - then you carry more weight in your mid-section and have smaller hips, legs or shoulders.

If you happen to be a N - you are an inverted triangle, someone who has broader shoulders with smaller hips and maybe smaller legs.

This is what I am working to start to understand and I am diving deep into the physiology and body makeup of women, how we gain and lose weight and how we age. It’s my thesis project for myself and my “research” team, to become the experts of women’s bodies, so we can help to explain and simplify it all for you! (and also give you the comfort to know that you are not alone, and its not your fault!)

Imagine the day you are completely Independent of how you see your body today, when you are liberated and FINALLY accepting and loving of what you see in the mirror. That day will come sooner than you think. Because I believe, with the right clothing and the right mindset, we can all accept and love our bodies, as we are, right now. And you can finally be proud to #LiveYourLetter. It’s basically announcing to the world, “I am an A letter and I love it!”

ALL is on IZU - its on me to figure this out, to make this dream into a reality and to share it with you, so that the self-acceptance starts here . . . Let’s celebrate Independence Day for ourselves and this new way of thinking . . . are you in?


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