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Coming Back to Manoa

Coming Back to Manoa

When the decision was made to move out of Ala Moana Center, I had no idea where we would go next.  I didn't know what I was looking for, or what I wanted our new space to look or feel like. The more spaces I visited, the more I doubted myself and the idea of leaving a well-known mall.  In every space we toured, I would ask myself - would my customers come here, do I envision my team working here. . . After about a handful so spaces we visited, I realized I was forgetting about myself in this whole process. “What do you want, Allison?” the question kept popping into my head . . .

I realized I needed to take a break, give myself space and time to figure it out and get back to square one.  Where can I see myself putting down roots?  Where will I feel creative and supported? These were the new questions floating in my head. And then a friend suggested Manoa . . . ‘yes, Manoa!’ I liked the idea.  It was a full circle moment for me, the beginning years of my brand were in Manoa. It was the location of my first “office” space and where I fondly remember my kids growing up, as well as myself.

And so I had my realtor reach out to Manoa Marketplace and toured a few spaces. It was definitely different from Ala Moana, but perhaps in the best way possible? I allowed myself to be led, to be inspired, so I could see what came to fruition. The process of negotiation was disheartening at times, but once I put my focus on something I want - I work to get it. So I kept at it, until a month and a half later- I was signing the lease. Serendipitously, it was on the last days of being at Ala Moana. I literally went from packing and moving to signing the papers!

I’m here in Manoa, writing this blog at my desk in my office and it feels amazing! I have a place to come to daily, to be creative, to be inspired and to just be. To allow myself to dream the big dream, to see that I am worthy of that. Every set back feels more like an exciting challenge, every mishap feels like an opportunity for me to find a deeper meaning or truth. It’s an opportunity for me to find out more about myself and what I want from this life. 

I am excited to share more of this journey with you, and to eventually share this space with you as well. We have put a lot of love, sweat and a couple of tears into this space. But what has come out of this process is a clearer understanding of who I am, what I want for this business, this team and essentially what I want for you too! Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you . . . stay tuned for more news about the renovations and Grand Opening!


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