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As We Age...

As We Age...

I was talking to my team the other day about how they connect to the brand. Mind you most of my team are in their 20’s... But they bring a different perspective to the table and it’s inspiring to hear from them. One of them mentioned when she’s in the Showroom helping customers, she views it like shopping with her mom. She talked about how she noticed that her mom has lost some confidence as she ages and is frustrated with the clothing that is out there. 

I’ve always loved fashion. I was a slave to every fashion trend and learned how to sew so I could alter clothing to get the look to work for my shorter frame. I love all of it - the fabric, the styles, the colors. But most of all, I love how fashion can transport you to another place. How it has the ability to make you feel like another person. I think that’s why we name our outfits - POWER SUIT, DATE NIGHT OUTFIT, or CASUAL FRIDAYS. For some of us, it’s a suit of “armor” we wear to gear up for the day ahead. And we use these guideposts to help show up as who we want to be. 

And as I age, I want fashion to be something more than that. I want it to be the support system that allows me to show up authentically as myself.

I didn’t realize it until talking with my team, that my focus has been to design clothing for every stage of our life. When I started, I was 20ish and focused primarily on my plight as a short woman. I designed premium petite denim to solve the current problem I, and many others, were facing. Fast forward to my 30’s, after having kids, and accepting that my metabolism slowed down - I started to design clothing that could minimize my additional weight gain. They were styles that would cover and drape my soft tummy, minimize my wider hips and back side. 

And as I enter my second half of my 40’s, I’m asking myself “now what?” I’ve been FINALLY accepting and loving who I’ve become and who I am right now. Yes, it comes with saggier skin, a wider midsection and wrinkles (thanks perimenopause) - but I’m learning to love every part of myself, even when I look down and wonder - what’s happening to the skin around my knees?? And because of it, my designs (like myself) are evolving. I don’t believe as we age, it means our lives (or our love of fashion) are over. It doesn’t mean we’re no longer sexy, or attractive, or worthy to take up space. It’s the total opposite. 

Now, I’m more interested in loving and accepting what I see reflected in the mirror.  Who is this person? Is it an authentic reflection of how I feel? This is my new challenge. And I started to design for that. I’ve slowly been challenging myself to design new styles that will give us (dare I say) “older women” the permission to take back our beauty and worthiness.  

My new mission is to begin to design pieces that will allow us to see ourselves in a new light, to journey towards loving all of ourselves. It’s going to be designs that are more about us, and less about how it makes others feel. So what if people get a little uncomfortable seeing a 40 year old (or 70!) woman wear a top that hugs a little more mid section (that may or may not be flat). Or maybe pants that hug our hips and butt (that may be a little lumpy).

If you look in the mirror and like what you see - then go for it. Wear the tank top that shows your arms - they may not be like the arms of your 20 year old self, but these arms have lived life and deserve to be celebrated. They’ve given many hugs of comfort and have pointed towards so many goals and destinations. And I say, let’s wear those shorts that show off your legs more than you’re used to - those are the legs that have carried you through every major event in your life. They were the coziest lap for my kids to curl up on, even as they get older. So why not celebrate them?

Because you are beautiful and you are worthy to take up space in this world. To stand firmly in the light. You have every right to wear a shorter dress or a top with a low sexy V-neck if that’s what your heart is asking for. We deserve to feel vibrant, confident and beautiful - this is my goal, this is my purpose. I can't wait to continue this journey right next to you and share all of it! 


- Allison


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