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Izu Home Fragrances
Izu Home Fragrances
Izu Home Fragrances

Allison Izu

Izu Home Fragrances


Diffuser 4oz
Diffuser 8oz

Allison collaborated with Jewels + Gem Hawaii to create a scent for her 11th Alliversary! This scent is a clean, citrus and elevated fragrance. The scent was inspired by a citrus scent Allison loves; with notes of mandarin, ylang-ylang, oak moss, sandalwood. The diffusers and soy candles are hand-poured in Hawaii. 

Jules + Gem Hawaii is a Hawaii lifestyle brand made to create clean, natural, and authentic hand poured soy candles and other bath and body products.  We hand pour our tropical candles in small batches and use minimal materials in our process.  Soy wax, phthalate free or non-harmful phthalate fragrance oils, and natural wood crackling wicks are all that are in our beautifully made candles.

Pick up in store available, select pick up in store at check out!