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Give Back Program

When the Pandemic first hit we wondered how we could contribute and help our own community. We watched as other national brands jumped to manufacture fabric face masks and we quickly followed suit. While I had all of the resources available to cut and sew a face mask, I wanted to be sure that the mask I produced would be comfortable, durable and protective.

I researched fabric breathability as well as particulate filtration. We sourced a high-end double-knit fabric and listened to feedback from frontline workers about the face masks they were wearing. Based on this we designed our own pattern that had better coverage from the top of the nose to the chin and the versatility  to be tied around the head or behind the ears. We tested our fabric and found it had exceptional breathability ratings with a better than average rate of particulate coverage (higher than most fabric masks on the market). 

Our goal was to make a high-quality mask that people would feel safe and comfortable in, and  we wanted to make sure you could wear it for hours if needed. The second goal was to provide for our community. Through our give-back program, we donated three masks for every one mask sold.  To date, our customers have donated more than 12,000 masks! And we hope to continue this effort as we continue mask sales. We’re happy to be able to support in this way!