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Earth, Wind, and Fire Collection

This may sound a little strange, but this collection was my palette cleanser of sorts. With the closing of Ala Moana and me trying to "find myself" and my creative voice once again, I needed to start fresh. So I went for classic earth tones that helped to ground me and give me the space and freedom to explore.  

This collection - Earth, Wind and Fire is more of a nod to grounding myself to the earth - through the wind and the fire; instead of a nod to the band - whom I do love and while writing this post, I am playing the song September! LOL!

This collection is the re-start of something new . . . its that moment where the butterfly chrysalis is just turning black, where we all know what is going to happen next, and with lots of excitement, we take a big inhale and wait.  I'm still in my chrysalis, I am still waiting to re-emerge . . . and while it doesn't look like it from the outside, amazing things are happening under the surface (or more appropriately, within).

And so this collection is my offering to you - to be able take those small moments of quiet, to ground and re-start.  It can happen in a few breaths, getting back to center, but it is so valuable and worthwhile.  This is my palette cleanser, my moment of deep inhale - a chance to ground myself and feel the Earth below my feet, allow the wind to whip my hair and feel the warmth of a growing fire.  I am ready for whatever happens next.

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